Northern Ireland is a small country that has a lot to offer for tourists and nature lovers. It is a country that is characterised by outstanding natural beauty coupled with green hills, charming villages, rocky coast and historic buildings.

As well as being a beautiful little country it is also a country that recently featured at the European Championships over in France. A journey that united the whole nation who got behind their team that overcame the odds to qualify, showing the great spirit that you will find in people all around this wonderful part of the world.

Some of the major attractions of Northern Ireland include;
Belfast Castle
Belfast Castle is a historic building that was built in 1860. It is found in the Cave Hill area of North Belfast. It is the commonly used place for various civil partnership ceremonies and weddings. It has been rated as one the most poplar landmarks in Northern Ireland. The castle is characterized by exquisite halls and a surrounding that is really exquisite.

Mussenden Temple
Mussenden Temple is located in the enchanting surrounding of Downhill Demesne. It is located just at the edge of Atlantic Ocean’s abyss beneath. It offers great sceneries of blue sky, white foam from the sea and saturated green pastures. It was built in 1785 through the inspiration of the Italian Temple of Vista.

Devenish Island
Devenish Island which is located in south of Lough Erne occupies 70 acres of land. It was established during the 6th century as a monastery. It is composed of the ruins in Augustinian abbey, various sculptures and high round towers.

Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway is seen to be part of the geological complex. It extends from Scotland to the Irish Sea. It is characterized by hexagonal shapes that came about as a result of volcanic cooling. The native mythology that explains the hexagonal columns is rather intriguing. It states that back in creation a hunter known as Finn McCool built the causeway as a linking road to Scotland.

With so much great things to see and do northern Ireland is finally shedding the old reputation of conflict and is proud to welcome visitors to enjoy its stunning scenery. As well as stunning countryside that has hosted a number of films and TV shows, Northern Ireland is also home to some great nightlife, shopping, entertainment and more for people that like to enjoy a faster paced break.

Choosing to visit Northern Ireland will open up a wonderful new option for you to explore with countless opportunities for you to have fun and relax.

You can only visit the country to understand that it is packed with places that will definitely interest you. Take a trip to Northern Ireland and you won’t regret it.

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