The UK is visited by thousands of tourists every year and with such a rich history there is always plenty for them to see and do either by exploring things themselves or by taking advantage of some of the great bus tours or guided walks.

Learning more about the history of the UK shouldn’t just be something that visitors from other countries do, UK tours and breaks are also excellent for people that live here and have never bothered to find out a bit more about where they live since they were at school.

British castles are the best tourist places in the world which spins around the ancient cultures and life styles of the past historians. Some of the great Britain castles to visit are:

WARWICK CASTLE is an example to one of the finest medieval castle located in Warwick. It is known for its location as it stands on a cliff near the river Avon. It is a grade 1 building and is protected as an Ancient Monument. It is now leased by Merlin entertainments now being a popular tourist attraction.

WINDSOR CASTLE was built on a mound of chalk which is 50 foot appears to be excavated from surrounding ditch. It is made of wood. In recent days it has become the most popular tourist attractions in British Isles.

YORK CASTLE is the first Norman motte castle to be erected after the 1066 invasion. This was called Clifford’s tower in the 13th century, originally the King’s tower. Now it is in the hands of English heritage.

BODIAM CASTLE looks to be raised from the peaceful river Rother. Also called as late medieval moated castle where its four square structure resembles a change in the way they were used. When Lord Curzon died in 1925, this was left to administer by National trust.

KENILWORTH CASTLE located in Warwick town was the important castle for about 500 years in its reign. It was fortified by Saxons and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Now, it is opened to public after administered by English heritage and became the tourist spot.

BAMBURGH CASTLE is located in the village of Bamburgh, Northumberland on the seaside. This grand castle towers can be seen for many miles from sea. It was bought by Lord Armstrong 1, and is still is owned and maintained by those family.

EDINBURGH CASTLE is situated on the great volcanic rock shored upon by cliffs which makes to get into it only through the east. These natural features stands for an ideal resistance for this castle.

Thus, the above are few of the castles of Britain to visit.

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